Advanced Search Tips

You can use the capitalised AND, OR, NOT operators between your search terms.

The fields in this advanced search are automatically linked by the AND operator.

Word Search
Any spaces between search terms are treated as the AND operator so If you enter lightning strike it will be searching for lightning AND strike and will return records with these two terms appearing anywhere in the record.

Phrase Search
Use double quotation marks to search for a phrase such as “lightning strike” to return records where these words appear next to each other.

Broader Searches
Use the OR operator to search for lightning OR strikes

Excluding Words
Use the NOT operator to exclude terms from a search such as Lightening NOT strikes

Truncating words
You can use an exclamation mark! to truncate a search term for example meteorolog! will find meteorology, meteorological etc.

Archive Reference
Use this field to search for a specific archive reference e.g. MET/2/1